School Council and Pupil Leaders

Our School Leaders 2022-2023

Head Boy and Head Girl

This academic year we have continued with the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. These are children who will be strong representatives for the school and its values. This is a role open to the Year 4 children and is voted for by all children and staff in school. The letters of application were fantastic, and it was a very tough decision for everyone to make! Here are our new leaders for 2022:

       Head Boy                     Head Girl


     Deputy Head Boy             Deputy Head Girl


At Oxhey, we value the children's ideas and opinions and through our work on British Values, have placed a high priority on democracy. Therefore, in each class two children are chosen to represent the views of their peers following a democratic voting system which takes place each term. The children on the school council attend meetings on a fortnightly basis where they share the ideas from their class and help to make important decisions for the school and it's future.

School Council Meeting Notes:

  • Children introduced themselves as the summer term school council members.
  • We discussed ideas for fundraising for the summer term, before asking the children in their own classes.
  • Information was shared with the children about the new picnic benches which will be fitted in the vegetable garden. These were agreed upon by the Spring term school councillors.

Our School Council Members



Other Leadership Roles

Children are also given the opportunity to take on a range of different roles throughout the school year and these are voted on within each class. We currently have class representatives for:

House Captains

  • House captains and Vice captains for our Harry Potter teams (Year 4 children) 

                      Gryffindor                                                                                Hufflepuff



                          Ravenclaw                                                                                    Slytherin



We have a whole range of new leaders who have been added to our leadership groups this year!

  • Play leaders who help with organising games and play equipment at lunchtime
  • Playground buddies who are there to help and support children during playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Eco Warriors who work hard to maintain our school grounds, encourage children to be environmentally friendly, and spend lots of time working hard in our gardens and grounds
  • School librarians who help to keep our library organised and open ready for children to access it during lessons and playtimes.
  • Mini Medics help at lunchtime to care for children who may trip or fall and ensure that the lunchtime organisers are able to administer first aid.
  • Peer Mediators who intervene when children are having difficulties or falling out with friends and try to help them to resolve their problems.